Antariksh releases its first utility service - ANTX Cash

We are excited to announce the commencement of our first ever crypto service ‘ANTARIKSH Cash’ today, 28th October, 2021, at 6 PM IST. Below we seek to answer the various questions our community members have and also explain how the service will work and can be utilised by Antariksh’s Indian investors.

Antariksh’s main objective from Day 1 has been to create a utility token that provides real-life products and services that can become a seamless part of your life and help bridge gaps in our current ecosystem.

Antariksh (ANTX) Cash is a service developed by the team that would allow investors to trade in their ANTX tokens for cash directly in their PayTM Gift wallet. This service aims to empower you by helping withdraw your investment while eliminating a multi-step process and paying transaction fees at various steps and instead receiving the amount directly in your wallets. This wouldn’t just save you time but also money. And money saved is money earned!

To make things clear with a comparison:



Step 1

Sell your ANTX tokens on DEX for BNB

Step 1

Send your ANTX tokens to the provided wallet address

Step 2

Send BNB to a centralised exchange

Step 2

Receive INR in your PayTM wallets!!

Step 3

Sell your BNB for INR / Sell BNB through P2P

Step 4

Transfer INR to your Bank account

Keeping in mind the uncertain nature of regulatory issues in India, the team has decided to launch this service in a limited capacity for now but the available options will increase as we move forward and get more clarity from the government. The current terms & conditions are as follows:

You will be required to transfer ANTX tokens worth equal to the amount of INR to the wallet address provided. The exact required amount of ANTX will be provided on the site to help you.

  • All investors will keep enjoying 6% reflections as you have till now.

  • After your withdrawal, a lock of 72 hours will be applied on the mobile number provided to limit the number of withdrawals. This lock is in place to avoid selling huge amounts of tokens which might impact the project (Since we are still in the initial stage). This will be revised and changed as the project progresses.

  • Processing time for each request will take up to 4 hours. Requests submitted between 11 p.m - 9 a.m Indian Standard Time, will be processed post 9 a.m on the next/same day. The reason for this is the team runs a verification on the requests to check the legitimacy of the details provided.

  • For now, each withdrawal is capped at ₹500 per transaction (More options will be added soon).

  • A 20% charge would be levied in case of wrong details provided by the withdrawer. So please make sure to provide the correct details. Also note that this will only be possible if the transaction has still not been processed.

  • The ANTX Team reserves the rights to make any changes to the terms and conditions as and when we intend to.

For any further clarification, please contact the team through Discord, Telegram or Twitter.

To mark this occasion, we are conducting a giveaway. One randomly chosen participant stands a chance to win $30 worth ANTX tokens. For more information, head on to our official Twitter handle.

Many more awesome things to come.


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