Introducing 'ANTX Cash'

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Hello Vyomanauts,

After months of brainstorming and developing amid these uncertain times, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our first service under the ANTX Pay Banner “ANTX Cash” towards mid October.

We identified the difficult process ANTX's Indian community faces due to the stringent government norms. Our first use-case under ANTX Pay is an effort to empower the holders and make this same process much easier.

By utilizing this service, the users will be able to exchange their ANTX tokens directly for cash straight to their PayTm wallets by simply choosing one of the various denominations available. This eliminates extended hassle of swapping the ANTX tokens for USDT/BNB and then sending it to exchanges and withdrawing from there to their banks in a multi step process.

We expect this service to accelerate our momentum and give a big boost to ANTX community. We can expect a faster, more organic growth to our Holders with this service which will help in securing more exposure towards ANTX.

The team is pleased to inform you with this ANTX Cash service we have initiated the next phase of our Token development i.e., creating real word utilization of our token. There are still many services in the pipeline to be launched under the “ANTX Pay” Banner such as the Global Gift Card store.

The Team is always putting in efforts to safeguard your interest as investors and make this community grow, with the announcement of our first service we expect to have a significant improvement in Token credibility and future.

Disclaimer: This service is not Sponsored by PayTm, we are using PayTm as a platform to provide this service to ANTX holders

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