New farming partner - Farmageddon Farm

We are proud to announce a collaboration with Farmageddon Farm for investors to stake LP tokens and farm Antariksh (ANTX) tokens

Why this Partnership?

A decentralised exchange (DEX) is one that allows for direct cryptocurrency transactions to take place online securely and without the need for an intermediary. Unlike centralized exchanges (CEX), DEXs are based on smart contracts that make most of the processes follow automatically. Farmageddon Farm is one such exchange that provides Automated Market Maker (AMM) capability, which apart from letting Antariksh investors trade trustlessly, also lets them stake liquidity tokens for ANTX pool.

Through this liquidity and staking event, Antarkish seeks to achieve a deeper, more stable liquidity pool for its token while making it more attractive for new investors. This will enable Antariksh to expand its community and take it to greater heights.

Why Provide Liquidity?

Once the event begins, Antariksh holders will be able to pair their ANTX tokens with BNB (ANTX-BNB pool) in equal ratio, (For example, $50 worth of ANTX with $50 worth of BNB), then collect their Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens for the same through PancakeSwap. Not only will this strengthen the Liquidity for ANTX, it will also give each participant greater returns and rewards!!

What returns, you ask?

The liquidity you provide, gets you a fraction of every transaction happening in that liquidity pool. At the time of withdrawing the liquidity, you will receive a fraction of every transaction that took place in that liquidity pool as well.

Moreover, the LP token that each pool-provider received from making the Liquidity pair can be staked on the Farmageddon Farm to earn their native ‘FRT' in return.

And it doesn't stop there! These FRT tokens that you are rewarded can be further staked in the ANTX pool on Farmageddon Farm, essentially giving you more ANTX in return than you originally put in the pool! This gives you an opportunity to earn both ANTX and FRT tokens in this liquidity event!!

The more liquidity you provide, the more you get back in rewards through Farmageddon's high APR and low risk ecosystem

How to Provide Liquidity?

You can provide liquidity on PancakeSwap for ANTX-BNB pair

To provide Liquidity

  • Visit this webpage:

  • Click on Trade and go to Liquidity

  • Click on Add Liquidity

  • Provide ANTX & BNB in the inputs for token pair and then click on add liquidity

  • You get an LP token in your wallet.

You can stake your FRT on Farmageddon and earn ANTX in reward by staking it into the Farmageddon Antariksh Pool.

To enable FRT pool staking

  • Visit this webpage:

  • Find the ANTX pool. Enable the pool & click “Approve FRT

  • Click on the Stake button and Confirm transaction!

Disclaimer: Investing and trading in cryptocurrency is subject to market risk. Individuals are requested to undertake their own research before investing in any activity related to the cryptocurrency market. No individual/organisation/institute etc. guarantees a profit on your investment. Please note, any transaction involving ANTARIKSH (ANTX) tokens will attract a 10% tax as explained on Antariksh’s official website.

Providing liquidity involves a possibility of impermanent loss. To learn more head on to:

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